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May 16, 2011


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Ha! I have to disagree with you on one thing. I make a heck of a green margarita jell-O, guaranteed to put any proper church lady under the table with just 2 small servings, and I'm afraid it does jiggle.

But thanks for the brownie plug. Which, by the way, where do you stand in the vote? http://www.dairyfreed.com/2011/05/brownies.html

Nellah McGough

You can't beat strawberry pretzel salad-yum!


I guess I'll have to break down and post that recipe:)


James, could you sneak that wicked Jell-O past Mama somehow?:) And RE the brownies, I'm really not picky, but I lean toward a no-nut, no-frosting variety. Gooey texture is a requirement. If I wanted cake, I'd make one:)

candy mccranie hicks

This one had me laughing out loud at work and people wondering what was soooooo funny.
I will pass it on..........

Susan Parks Crump

I think that you are the first person in our family that has admitted to not liking congealed salads. You'll be proud to know that you aren't alone. I am in total agreement...always have been. And I am raising two little girls that turn their nose up as soon as they realize "there is something in that Jell-O!"


Maybe a support group is in order? But the girls are right! That's what's so disturbing—you don't know what's in the Jell-O!!


Too funny, Candy! So happy I have your coworkers talking about you:)

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