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September 03, 2012


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Jenny Rowe

That is so funny. Did you see the episode of "The Big Bang Theory" when the tongue-tied guy said "Siwi, find the closet Westaurant." Siri says, "I don't recognize 'Westaurant.'" It was so funny. She does need to be a little more Southern.


So glad y'all got a chuckle! Jenny, I missed that one!

Darryl Moland

HILARIOUS! You put that just right!

Karen Spears Zacharias

If you change her to the Brit version of English it is so much worse. Apparently Brits can't understand southerners at all. C'mon Apple. Don't you employ anyone south of the Mason Dixon line?


We are truly a misunderstood people, Karen:)


Thanks to all who commented and got a chuckle out of my rocky introduction to Siri!!


HA,HA! I thought it was just me and Siri!Too funny Val! Love you and your humor!


Thanks, Lynn! I told somebody the other day that the older I get, the more I have in common with Lucy Ricardo:)

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