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March 16, 2013


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Nancy Dorman-Hickson

I'm sure it's lovely. I have the same problem with paint chips. On our latest painting adventure, I had to ask the painters to, er, tone it down with white when I saw the actual color that I had handpicked on the walls. It was yellow. And not just yellow. YELLOW. Which did go with the nice tannish color in the room next to it at all. Fortunately these guys knew what they were doing.

I still think you should go for that crazy plum color (wasn't that it?) and use some art to pull it together. Lovely writing, sister.

candace hicks

Honey, I feel your pain, i too have paint swatches on my bathroom wall(it's been there for 3 (THREE) years and that room is TINY......good luck loved one ;)


Ha! Maybe it runs in the family:)


Thanks so much! Hope we can visit again soon. I'll bring my swatches:)

Nancie Erhard

LOL. I sometimes wonder who gets the lucky job of choosing color names. Our most recent job (upstairs guest suite, studio, and office) has colors named artist's canvas, wax sculpture, cafe cream, hazy sky, denim, moonglow, and Renoir bisque. The living/dining room is something-chateau. It is not light brown! I definitely choose color by name, and kitchens usually have edible ones. I don't remember what my current one is named, but I call it spiced mustard.


Send me bucket of Moonglow, OK? LOL

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