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May 28, 2017


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Wonderful! The picture and the story <3

candy hicks

So sorry you losted you uncle. Love to you all and thanks for sharing such a sweet family story. Love you !!

Valerie Luesse

Thank you, sweet cousin. Love you!

Valerie Luesse

Thank you, Kacey!

 Cindy &  Charlie Thigpen

Such a beautiful tribute and you have a gifted way of saying it. So sorry for your loss, but so happy that you have such wonderful memories and a great family to share them with.

Valerie Luesse

Thanks so much! Good to hear from y'all.

Kim Vicars Smith

Although I've been a fan of yours for many years (before I knew you were related to my childhood friend Rose), it was an absolute pleasure meeting you in person and seeing your sweet dad again. You're a gifted storyteller, Valerie, never stop sharing these wonderful tales. I love all the Frasers, I just added a few more to my list this weekend. Friday and Saturday was filled with so much love, laughter, respect and sharing of stories. Fraser Lee's eloquent speech about his Pop during the funeral was so touching and the doves at the conclusion of the gravesite service--sent chills up my spine! I think your Uncle Jimmy was looking down and loving every moment of it! He will be missed by all who knew him! He was a true character!


Kim, it was so nice to meet you, and I appreciate your kind words about my writing. I love storytelling, and its always gratifying to know that someone is enjoying it! Uncle Jimmy was a master storyteller himself. I sure will miss him—and hope all the Fraser girls will stay connected. Thank you so much for writing.

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